From seminars to clinics, get all the latest updates and happenings on TrustTech‘s upcoming events this year.

Executors’ Briefing

You have accepted the appointment and taken up executorship of an estate, but do you really know what your roles and responsibilities of an executor are?

What is the difference between an executor and a trustee? Who should you nominate as an executor? Attend this talk to find out all about the roles and duties of an executor.

Understanding Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) Seminar

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document that allows a person to voluntarily appoint one or more persons to make decisions and act on their behalf should they lose their mental capacity one day.

Advisory Course

TrustTech Advisory Course offers expert training and tools to enable financial professionals to enhance their Financial Advisory work. As a financial advisor, you are entrusted with the task of helping your clients to preserve, accumulate, and manage their wealth – so that they can leave a legacy for their loved ones after they are gone. Trusts and Estate Planning is an emerging area of opportunity that you could tap into as part of your value proposition to your clients.

Wills, LPA and Estate Planning Seminar

This workshop is designed to raise awareness and educate the public on the importance of advanced care and estate planning.  

Topics covered:

  • What happens to a person’s estate if he passes on without a will
  • Misconception surrounding Wills
  • Factors that one should consider when drawing up a Will
  • Why and how to do an LPA
  • Considerations when choosing donees
  • 1 December 2018

Clinic for
Will Planners

Attend the will planning clinic for a one-to-one confidential consultation to address any questions that you might have encountered during your estate planning process. We offer advice on the social and legal implications that your/your client’s instructions might have to help you arrive at a legally valid and effective Will.

  • 21 November 2018